Many new iPhone and iPad users mistakenly assume that in order to use Emoji emoticons, you need to download specialized applications from the App Store. In fact, a keyboard with a huge amount of emoji is represented directly in the system. To gain access to it, it is enough to activate it once. How to enable Emoji on the iPhone and iPad told in this manual.

How to Enable Emoji on iPhone and iPad

  • Go to “Settings”-> “General” -> “Keyboard”;
  • Select the “Keyboard” section;
How to Enable Emoji on iPhone and iPad?
  • Click “Add New Keyboard”;
How to Enable Emoji on iPhone and iPad?
  • Select the “Emoji” item (located at the very bottom).
How to Enable Emoji on iPhone and iPad?

Emoji keyboard on your iPhone or iPad is included. Check her work is very simple. Launch any typesetting application. For example, “Notes” or “Messages”. Go to the typing mode and press the button with the image of the globe until the keyboard with emoji emoticons opens.

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To return to the normal keyboard, simply press the ABC button or hide, and then re-open the keyboard.

How to Disable Emoji on iPhone and iPad

However, it is quite simple to disable the extra virtual keyboard layout with Emoji emoticons – just go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Keyboards”, then swipe left on Emoji and click “Delete”, or use the “Change” button in the upper right corner .


Frustrating is the need to keep the third keyboard active on the iPhone or iPad. Layout with Emoji now and then appears when it is not needed. Yes, and it is not implemented very well. I admit to you honestly, I don’t use Emoji on my iPhone at all, because it is terribly inconvenient.

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