The latest version of Apple OS for Mac computers finally has a dark theme. Yes, now the maOS will finally not tire your eyes! The point is – how to activate a new option?

Apple proposes to install a dark mode of system design already during installation. If you skipped this step, then check out other ways to activate Dark mode on macOS.

Activate Dark Mode on Mac

  • Open System Preferences (through the corresponding icon on the Dock or through the Apple menu in the upper left corner – System Preferences);
  • Go to the General section;
  • At the very top in the Appearance section;
  • Click on the Dark “picture”.

Note: You can return to the more familiar “Light” theme of design.

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Also, if you wish, you can choose one of eight accent colors, plus a system color for buttons, menus and windows.


Most Apple system programs are already adapted to the new look of the system. But third-party applications in this regard are lagging behind. Apple seems to have already released an API for quickly “tweaking” applications to a dark theme, why developers still do not adapt their applications remains a mystery.

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