Not everyone knows that in iOS on the iPhone and iPad there is a built-in function text to speech app. It will be useful not only for people with disabilities, but also for the banal listening of ordinary books in iBooks, as if you are using an audio-books. But unfortunately, this option is hidden deep enough. In this article I will explain how to make iPhone transfer text to speech.

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How to Enable Text to Speech Function on iPhone and iPad

In order to use the text to talk function on the iPhone and iPad, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings -> General -> Accessibility;
How to Enable Spelling on iPhone and iPad?
  • In the “Vision” field, go to the “Speech” section;
How to Enable Spelling on iPhone and iPad?
  • Activate the switches opposite the “Speech” and “Speak Screen” items;
How to Enable Spelling on iPhone and iPad?
  • Done!
How to Enable Spelling on iPhone and iPad?
  • After you have performed these actions, it is enough to select any text and a new option will appear in the pop-up menu – “Speak”.

How to Turn Off

Just put the tumbler in default position and iPhone/iPad text reader will be off.

How to Enable Spelling on iPhone and iPad?


But that is not all. The “Speaking” function is able to read aloud entire screens and even turn over pages in iBooks, allowing you to fully turn any text into an audiobook. To do this, on the iPhone or iPad, make two fingers swipe from the top of the screen down. A special pronunciation menu will appear, where you can specify additional playback options (voice acting).

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