Tags are a great way to organize your data and make it easier to find. Tags automatically appear in the sidebar of the Finder, so the files they mark are easy to find regardless of their location.

The Tags feature on macOS allows you to combine different types of files in one section, as well as use multiple tags to categorize them.

In this article I will show you how to edit your tags on Mac.

How to Rename Tags on Mac?

  • Open Finder -> Settings path;
  • Click on the Tags tab;
  • Here you can change any of the tags, create your favorites and arrange their display in the side panel.

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How to Remove Tags on Mac?

You can also remove an unnecessary tag. In order to delete an unnecessary tag, click it in the “Tags” field and press the Delete key. In fact, this action will not remove the tag, just macOS will no longer use it for this document. If you really want to remove the tag from the computer:

  • Open the pop-up menu Finder -> Settings -> Tags;
  • Select the tags you want to remove;
  • Click Delete (minus icon).


You can tag various documents with color tags, for example, photos that need to be edited, drafts, saved articles for reading at the weekend, videos, etc., this function is not very useful, but it is incredibly convenient.

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