Despite the simplicity of the iOS operating system, beginners may have problems with some aspects. Despite its nearly half-century history, email remains one of the most popular forms of communication on the Internet. Modern mobile devices fully support working with letters, but most users are not aware that the capabilities of email clients on the iPhone and iPad are much wider than they think.

In this article I will tell you how to send sketches using email on iPhone and iPad.

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Drawing in iPad and iPhone Email App

  • To Draw in the email, click the gray arrow to open the formatting tools bar;
  • Click the layout button;
  • Select the tools to create the pattern;
  • When the picture is ready, click Done, and then click Insert Picture.

iPad with Pen

Naturally, if we are talking about the iPad, then for this you do not need to buy Apple Pencil because all this can be done with your finger. If of course you are not a professional artist, then working on an iPad with an Apple Pencil can become more elegant and perfectly complement your tablet.


It is a pity that few people know about the trick with drawing in letters, it can diversify corporate correspondence quite well or just give children the opportunity to delight their parents with beautiful drawings.

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