It is very entreating to put your own captions on the photos when you’re up for social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter etc. Most of the devices don’t offer such an option for you when you try to write on your photos. But, for an iOS user, it is quite an easy thing to do. You don’t need an additional app to do the trick. iPhone and iPad users can markup, write and draw on their photos in quick time. The Latest versions have some amazing editing options that can make your photos a little cooler.

What is the Article about?

This article is a guide for iPhone and iPad user to help them in drawing and writing your own thoughts on their photos.

How can you Markup your Photos?

It is an inbuilt option for the iPhone and iPad users, but many users face difficulty to find it in their devices. There are a few easiest things to follow for editing your pictures. Just Follow this guide to sort things out for you.

  • First, Open Photos app.
  • Select or tap the Photo you want to markup.
  • Tap “Edit” toolbar button there available at the bottom of your screen. It just looks like three horizontal lines.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • Now you need to tap a (…) button to have editing options ready.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • Here comes the Markup for you.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • Now, you can see different options available like Drawing, Writing, Cropping and Emphasizing.

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  • For drawing, there is a pen icon. You can draw anything on the picture with the finger touch. You can choose the color of your choice as well as the thickness of the lines.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • For Writing, use “T” sign of the screen. You can write anything and anywhere on the picture using your keyboard. Font size and shape is adjustable there in the options. You can choose the text color as well.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • For emphasizing, use magnifier sign on the Picture to magnify a portion of your photo.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • You can use a “callout” option that is used to highlight something in the picture.
  • You will see the circle on the spot you want to highlight. This circle’s size is adjustable as well.
    To undo to prior change, use an arrow icon on the screen.
how to draw on pictures on iphone
  • When you are done making the changes, tap done to save your photo.

Now, the job is done for you. You can upload your masterpiece that you created on social media or anywhere it’s needed. Most of the people do such things to have fun with their buddies by making interesting memes.

If you’re unable to find the markup option, then you need an updated version to have it. Users having version 10.0 or latest don’t need to worry. They have it in their phones. Just need to find it. But, this markup option isn’t introduced for the lowest versions.

So, I hope this guide is going to help you in a good way. Follow the instructions carefully and consider your work done in minutes. Make your pictures more enthusiastic and have fun!

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