Although neither Apple’s Safari nor Google’s Chrome browser can extract files from ZIP archives on iOS, there is a way to get them. This is possible thanks to the new Files application, which allows you to work with files and information on the device, as well as in iCloud Drive storage.

To use the method described below, you must have the Files application installed, which is available in all modern versions of iOS. If you do not have it, then you have to update the system. Otherwise, you have to use a third-party application.

How to Download Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

I will not pull and move on to the instructions:

  • Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and follow the link to the zip file you want to download;
  • Click on the link to start downloading;
  • Safari will display a screen with options for actions and available applications;
How to Download ZIP Files on iPhone?
  • Click “Open in the” Files ” app, and then select the desired location to save the file;
  • Click “Add”.
How to Download ZIP Files on iPhone?

You can also click “More …”, and then select “Save to Files”.

That’s all, the file will be saved to the device, and you can open and view it in Files.


Unfortunately, you cannot unzip files in a standard application, so for this you still have to download a third-party application, such as WinZip or Zip Viewer.

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Perhaps in the future, iOS will add the possibility of unzipping, as in macOS via Finder, but for now it will be necessary to be content with third-party applications.

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