Apple’s official website provides instructions for working with the iCloud Media Library. However, it only describes how to synchronize the cloud with all suitable devices.

I offer you to read the instructions on how to download photos from iCloud to a computer with Mac and Windows with the provision of detailed screenshots.

iCloud and what is it for?

iCloud cloud storage is a development by Apple, which was released in 2011 specifically for devices running Mac OS and iOS. The main task of iCloud is to create a convenient environment for storing personal user data, as well as synchronizing them on various devices. The user, saving personal data in the cloud, saves time and gets access to this data from various devices.

How to set up iCloud Data Synchronization?

In order to access files in the cloud, you need to configure it to synchronize. You can do this as follows:

  • Turn on your iPhone or iPad. Open the “Settings” and select “Photos”;
How to Download Photos from iCloud to PC or Mac?
  • Now select the type of content you want to synchronize and send to the server. In this case, turn on “iCloud Photos” & “Upload to My Photo Stream”;
How to Download Photos from iCloud to PC or Mac?
  • Having connected to the Internet, the uploading of photos from the phone to the cloud will begin. We are waiting for the completion of the operation;
  • This way you can synchronize any data.

How to download iCloud Photos on Mac?

In order to download photos from iCloud on MacOS, you should follow this instruction:

  • Check that the photos stored on the iPhone or iPad are added to the iCloud “Upload to My Photo Stream” folder like shown above;
  • On a Mac open “Settings” -> “Internet Accounts”;
  • Choose “iCloud” on the left sevtion and check the “Photos” option is turned on in macOS;
  • Click “Options”;
How to Download Photos from iCloud to PC or Mac?
  • Activate “My Photo Stream” of images in the cloud, as well as share;
How to Download Photos from iCloud to PC or Mac?
  • Now all the photos from the Apple gadget will be copied to macOS.

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Official iCloud for Windows

The iCloud for Windows program allows you to view photos, contacts, calendars, documents and other resources from any of your devices. iCloud saves your files and automatically synchronizes them across all devices.

  • Open iCloud for Windows;
  • Click the “Options” button next to the “Photo”;
  • Select the “iCloud Photo” option;
  • Click the “Finish” button, then the “Apply” button.

You can organize and delete your photos and videos in the “Photos” program on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, as well as through the website.


The official  iCloud client for Windows and macOS allows you to safely store photos and videos in iCloud and locally on your computer. Using the application, you will be able to view images, videos and other content on iOS devices.

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