Naturally, the main advantage of the Apple Music service is the ability to save any number of music tracks on the iPhone or iPad, which usually Apple absolutely forbids doing to third-party developers.

In the article – how to enable the automatical downloading songs from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad, as well as optimize the download based on the device’s memory.

Enable iCloud Media Library Sync

To get started, go to the Settings of your iOS device, select the iTunes Store, App Store section and log into your account using the Apple ID data to which the Apple Music subscription is linked.

How to Download Music from Apple Music to iPhone?

How to do this is described in detail in my article: How to Turn On iCloud Music Library with Apple Music on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

So you can add your songs and playlists to My Music, after which access to them will be open from all devices.

How to Turn On Automatic Downloads for All Apple Music?

The Automatic downloads option allows you to automatically Apple Music download tracks that a user has added to the Media Library. For example, if you store music on your device, then when the network is lost, you can continue to listen to music, without freezes and problems.

How to Download Music from Apple Music to iPhone?

Storage Optimization

Also pay attention to the “Storage Optimization” item, which allows iOS to automatically delete saved songs that the user has not listened to for a long time, provided that the space runs out on the iPhone or iPad.

In the Minimum storage section, you can specify the minimum storage volume (number of tracks) that the Storage Optimization option will not apply to.


See, nothing complicated! You can listen to music in Apple Music without the Internet if you download songs to your device. Tracks can be downloaded by activating the autoload of songs added to the library. This option is disabled by default, but now you know how to configure it.

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