Apple introduced a new desktop operating system – macOS Catalina. In this update, the company abandoned the heavy legacy of iTunes, announced the cross-platform project Project Catalyst, improved collaboration with the iPad and Apple Pencil, and improved OS security.

When is Catalina Coming Out?

Apple last night unveiled the final version of macOS Catalina after lengthy beta testing.

How to Download macOS Catalina?

More details about system requirements can be found in this article: How to Install Updates on Mac?

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macOS Catalina Download

Apple is also finalizing macOS security features, now Gatekeeper checks all installed applications for security vulnerabilities, and also blocks possible attacks.

macOS Catalina can be downloaded and installed through the software update feature on Mac. The update is available for all Macs starting from Mid 2012. Older models, unfortunately, do not support updating to the new MacOS. To download a new OS, do the following:

  • Go to the Mac App Store and search macOS Catalina 10.15;
  • Click “Get” button;
How to Download macOS Catalina?
  • Go to System Preferences -> Software Update section where macOS Catalina will appear available for installation.
How to Download macOS Catalina?


With the system update, Mac users will get some new features, Apple has made a number of changes to the latest OS. For example, iTunes has been completely removed; new Apple Music, Podcast, and Apple TV apps have been added in its place.

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