Despite the fact that macOS already has a standard and very functional set of utilities for monitoring the state of the system, they are sometimes not enough.

Not so long ago, I was faced with the need to find out the temperature mode of my Mac (it was heating up very much) and found that it was extremely inconvenient to do this with standard macOS tools.

I flipped through more than one Google page in search of a quality Mac temperature monitoring program and settled on Temperature Gauge.

Temperature Gauge

The utility is available for download in the AppStore. Despite the financial costs, believe the interface Temperature Gauge is extremely simple and intuitive. So that a few dollars spent do not spoil the overall impression of working with the program.


How to Display CPU Temperature in the macOS Menu Bar?

The application displays temperature readings of all major Mac components. You can also view the temperature of a specific element:

  • CPU (Processor);
  • Battery (Battery);
  • Logic board (Motherboard);
  • Memory (RAM);
  • Palm rest (a place on the body of the laptop where the wrists rest);
  • Power supply (power supply);
  • Connector Thunderbolt;
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi module).

In addition to the temperature, the program shows the rotation speed of the cooler, which, as you know, is directly dependent on the degree of heating of the Mac.

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Menu Bar

Now we come to another advantage of the utility – this is the background display in the menu bar of the specified parameters. In the settings you can set for which element (processor, RAM, etc.) temperature indicators will be displayed in the menu bar.

How to Display CPU Temperature in the macOS Menu Bar?


I hope this brief review will finally destroy the difficulties in using the program and make the Mac temperature monitoring more effective.

By the way, the reason why my Mac got very hot was covered in an incomprehensible process that started where it consumed up to 80% of the CPU resources, the usual reboot helped.

By the way, if you use MacBook for a longer period of time, you should attend to cleaning it from dust and replacing thermal paste and thermal pads.

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  1. mariya jonsan Reply

    Mac temperature monitor or Mac CPU temperature monitor is kind of an alert system that notifies you about the Mac overheating, all the in-built available sensors. It also informs you about the utilities to use when the temperature goes beyond green light and might be dangerous for the device as well as yourself.

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