Two-factor authentication is one of the easiest and at the same time effective ways to ensure the security of accounts. Thanks to it, you will surely find out that someone is trying to gain access to your account and can prevent unauthorized access, since the one-time verification password comes in the form of a system message to a trusted device. But for someone, this method of protection seems redundant, but because they either do not turn it on at all, or turn it off immediately after activation. Or, to be more exact, it was turned off.

Some users have noticed that recently, the ability to disable two-factor authentication has disappeared from the Apple ID account settings. But since very few people regularly visit the site, it is quite difficult to say with certainty when exactly this happened.

Can’t Turn Off Two Factor Authentication on Apple Device?

If two-factor authentication is already in use, it cannot be disabled. For some features in recent versions of iOS and macOS, this additional level of security, designed to protect your data, is mandatory. If you have recently updated your account, you can opt out of registration for a 2-week period.

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How to Turn Off 2 Step Authentication?

Unfortunately, as I described above, Apple has limited the cancellation of the two-factor authentication function and no option to turn off two factor authentication. But if the 2-week period has not expired, you still can disable the function in the following way.

If your device is running iOS 10.3 or later, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings -> Apple ID tab (on top) -> Password and Security;
  • Click Disable two-factor authentication;
  • Click Continue.

If your device is running iOS 10.2 or earlier, follow these steps:

  • Choose Settings -> iCloud;
  • Choose your Apple ID -> Password and Security;
  • Click Disable two-factor authentication;
  • Click Continue.

Radical Method of Eliminating 2 Step Authentication

I suppose that if you unbind all devices from your Apple ID and create a new one, you can avoid resetting all devices to factory settings and not activating two-step verification of this problem. But ask yourself, does it really bother you so much? It is possible that in iOS 14 or 15, Apple will make this function mandatory when registering a device or Apple ID.


Personally, I respect Apple’s concern for users, but the ban on deactivating two-factor authentication looks unnecessarily intrusive. Even if Apple is really worried about the integrity of our data, you should give users the right to decide for themselves exactly how they want to protect them.

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