The touchpad is a modern rectangular touchpad that is designed for laptops, allowing the user to control a laptop computer with the simple touch of a finger on the panel without additional external manipulators, such as a mouse and keyboard. In Apple’s MacBooks, the touchpad is called the Trackpad, which has more functionality than the touchpad from other manufacturers.

Contrary to the fact that the trackpad meets the high-tech standards, not all MacBook users and owners are committed to tactile laptop control, prefer to use a standard mouse to work.

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In fact, disable touchpad on a MacBook is very simple and easy, the task takes a few seconds if the user is aware of how to do this. And in this article we will figure out how to do it quickly.

Turn Off Touchpad on MacBook the Easiest Way

Apple laptop developers have provided the ability to disable the touchpad when a consumer needs to connect a mouse and work on the device with important documents, or if you want to play computer games, and also turn on the touchpad, if necessary:

  • Open System Preferences;
  • The next tab is Accessibility;
How to Disable Trackpad on a MacBook?
  • Find Mouse and Trackpad section;
  • Activate the checkbox opposite “Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad are present”;
How to Disable Trackpad on a MacBook?
  • That’s all.

The desired option is highlighted in red. Activating it will disable the built-in trackpad as soon as the mouse is connected.


Now when you accidentally touch the device with your palm, it will not respond to this. For such cases, it is possible to enable the option on the MacBook once and for all, which will automatically disable touch control when an external device is connected. Any user can do this, according to the recommendations described above. Sometimes this is a convenient way out if you often have to move between the mouse and keyboard.

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    I have just had to switch to a new mouse. My prior mouse bit the dust-but I had the touch pad disabled. With the new mouse I have done all of the above and it is not working. I have a MacBook Air — Catalina. Both my new mouse and trackpad are working at the same time.

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