Starting with the Apple Watch have received the “Always On” feature, which allows you to always see the time on the screen. The device is no longer necessary to wake up by lifting the wrist or pressing it. This function was expected by many, everyone likes it. But everything is not as cool as it seems at first glance!

“Always On” Feature for Apple Watch Display

Users noticed that it drains the battery of the Apple Watch faster. In addition, some people may consciously want their watch’s screen to be permanently off for some reason. Like many other features, Always On can be turned on or off, depending on the user preferences of the owner of the Apple Watch.

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With the activation of the Always On function, the device screen will always light up, but more dimly if you do not lift the watch or press it. This makes the device look like a regular watch, on which the dial is always visible and allows you to know the time. In this article I’ll show you how to disable this function!

Turn Off “Always on Display” Function Directly on the Apple Watch

You can easily turn off the “Always On Display” function directly on the Apple Watch in the device’s settings:

  • In the Apple Watch, open the Settings app;
  • Scroll to “Screen and brightness” in the settings and click on it;
  • Go to the “Always On” section and set the corresponding switch to the Off position. This will disable the function of the constantly on screen;
How to Disable the “Always On” feature for Apple Watch?
  • Exit the Settings app and use your watch as usual.


Disabling the function Always enabled on the Apple Watch for some users can actually lead to an increase in the device’s operating time, but it all depends on the usage scenarios of the watch, charging frequency and other factors.

Please note that, being in the watch settings section, you can also adjust the brightness of the device screen.

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