In this article, we will gradually consider how to disable notifications and iOS updates themselves “over the air” on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without jail-breaking.

The latest versions of iOS automatically remind users of the update they have, as a result, many simply do not maintain and update. If you do not want to install the iOS update, there is a way to get rid of annoying reminders.

Turn Off iOS Update

The first option is simple. Click “Later” when the iPhone once again prompts you to install updates. But keep in mind that it will appear in a day and you will have to choose “Later” again. This option is relevant only for those who want to update later.

Disable Updates on iPhone 6 and Newer

If you are the owner of an iPhone 6 and later models, the scheme for disabling updates is very simple. Do the following:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update;
  • Here the only item is Automatic Update;
How to Disable Software Update on iPhone?
  • Go and disable the function.
How to Disable Software Update on iPhone?

The owner of older devices will have a harder time …

Turn Off Software Update Notification on Old iPhone

If the update is already uploaded to the iPhone or iPad, first go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage and remove the downloaded update.

How to Disable Software Update on iPhone?

In this case, you get rid of unwanted annoying updates and save up to a couple of gigabytes of free disk space on your iPhone.

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Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. The fact is that as soon as the device connects to Wi-Fi, it will begin to download the update again from the network. Therefore, it is better to restrict access to the following resources on your router:


This method looks complicated, but effective in case you are not going to install updates in the near future. As soon as you decide to upgrade, it will be enough to return access to the update servers in the router and install the new system firmware.

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