In this article we will figure out how to configure or disable altogether the acceleration of the mouse cursor on the Mac.

Convenient MagicMouse Cursor

I’m the owner of MagicMouse back in the days when I was working on the my old MacMini and later on my MacBook Pro and I’ve never been satisfied with how the mouse cursor behaves in terms of speed of movement and acceleration.

The MagicMouse should literally be carried on a wide table from corner to corner, otherwise it refuses to move the cursor.

Those who tried to play games using a mouse on a poppy probably noticed the “wonderful” effect that had long been thought up in the depths of Apple’s company for slow computers – namely, the dynamic change in the acceleration of the mouse cursor.

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What this leads to – if you move the mouse slightly – then everything works as usual. But if you only move the mouse 1-1.5 cm and miracles begin – instead of the expected linear movement – we see a sharp jump.

I try to solve this question long enough. There are many pages on the Internet where this effect is described, but there is no simple solution to the problem. It is offered to use various paid and not so utilities.
The company Apple writes to this question in its own style, i.e. The problem is contrived and does not exist.

Disable Mouse Acceleration with Command Line

However, everything can be solved much easier. Updating a single parameter in the list using the command line.

Run the following command in the macOS terminal:

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

Adjust Mouse Configuration with

The Mouse Acceleration PrefPane is a GUI and startup item to Richard Bentley’s MouseFix. You can set up an extended speed parameter and acceleration curve for your mouse and touchpad.

  • Increase mouse pointer precision;
  • Speed up your mouse movement;
  • Set mouse acceleration parameter;
  • Full control with just two simple knobs.

All my congratulations. Finally, you can safely work and play with an extreme comfort.


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