Do you often follow what your interlocutors send you? What could be the consequences if this information becomes available to others? Do you know how to protect personal information? For example, so that no one outsiders can see incoming notifications from instant messengers when the iPhone or iPad is locked?

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Notifications may include a lot of personal information. In this article, I will show you how to turn off the display of notifications on the locked screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Disabling Notification on the iPhone and iPad Lock Screen

If for some reason you want to turn off the display of notifications from the device’s lock screen, the instructions below will help you do this:

  • Open the Settings -> “Notifications” section;
  • If you want to disable all the previews on the device’s lock screen, then the top menu item “Show Previews” will come in handy. Select “When Unlocked” here. This action will turn off the display of the contents of notifications on the lock screen;
  • If you need to completely disable the notifications, then in the same section below, you should open an application whose notification should not be displayed and uncheck the “Lock Screen” checkbox in the Alerts section.

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Despite the fact that we turned off the display of notifications, widgets and notifications will still be available when the iOS device is unlocked by the user. This greatly improves the safety of personal information if you have the habit of leaving your device unattended.

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