Imagine the situation: you are writing an important e-mail, but it does not reach the address. At first you are at a loss, and then suddenly you understand – the address was distorted by the system of automatic error correction in the OS of your iPhone or iPad. How to deactivate this feature in iPhone or iPad we will talk in this article.

No, really – Apple is clearly worth refining this feature before activating it by default in macOS and iOS for the English language, where slang and idioms is very often used right now. Now auto-correction of errors is often not included when needed – there is no point in her work, when you fill out fields like “nickname” or “E-mail”. While the Cupertino in the sweat of their work on updating the service, we just turn it off.

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Turn Off Autocorrect iPhone

  • Open Settings;
  • Then select the General section and open the Keyboard;
  • Disable the slider opposite Auto-Correction.


That’s all – now autocorrection will not annoy you over nothing. Have a nice work! Do you use autocorrection, dear friends?

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