From time to time, we need to select a specific page from a PDF file sent to us, in order to save ourselves from having to work with a bulky multi-page document and delete some of the pages.

macOS tools allow us to easily do all this without installing any third-party applications.

Of course, professional applications for working with PDF allow much more than the simple transfer of pages from place to place, but some people for the most part use such opportunities, for the most part, to delete or move a page is more than enough. But since we are not going to set expensive software to solve the simplest tasks, we will do it with the help of the standard “Preview” utility.

Manipulations with RDF Pages

  • Open the PDF in the“Preview” ;
  • Choose “Preview” -> “Thumbnails” to display page thumbnails in the sidebar;
How to Manipulate & Delete Pages from PDF on a Mac?
  • Rotate the page: select the page thumbnail, then choose “Tools” -> “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right”;
How to Manipulate & Delete Pages from PDF on a Mac?
  • Delete page: select the page thumbnail, then select “Edit” -> “Delete”;
How to Manipulate & Delete Pages from PDF on a Mac?
  • Reorder pages: drag the page thumbnail to a new location in the sidebar.
How to Manipulate & Delete Pages from PDF on a Mac?

That’s all, no magic, sheer convenience. I hope that this simple tips will save you time, which is very expensive today. All document editing operations performed are quite standard both for the system as a whole and for other editors/viewers. And most importantly – for free and without installing unnecessary software.

Do you know any other interesting tips on working with PDF? Share in the comments!


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