macOS Sierra is not only an opportunity to get a Siri voice assistant on a Mac and unlock a computer using Apple Watch. With the official release of the operating system, the Mac storage optimization feature has become available to all users, which is capable of freeing up a large amount of memory on the drive.

And if previously inexperienced users had trouble clearing residual files when deleting such programs as GarageBand, then with the advent of this function in our beloved macOS, this has become easier nowhere, this is what will be discussed in this article.

Remove the whole GarageBand from Mac

  • To access it, you need to go to the Apple menu – “About This Mas”;
  • Where to choose “Storage”, or use Spotlight search for the query “Storage Optimization”;
  • In the window that appears, click “Manage”;
How to Delete GarageBand Files?
  • We go to the section Applications;
  • We are looking for “GarageBand” in the list and delete it.
  • Then go to the section with the name “GarageBand” or “Music Creation” below and delete everything in this section.
How to Delete GarageBand Files?


In addition, you can quickly find out how much space your mail takes, which programs are the most “weighty”, as well as the total size of backup copies of devices on your computer.

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For example, I found out that almost 30 GB on my Mac were occupied by old backup copies of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The new feature allows you to minimize the appeal to special programs to increase free space on your computer, because it copes with this task just as well. I would also like the opportunity to quickly clear temporary files – perhaps soon it will appear.

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