Active iCloud mail users sometimes wonder how to delete all mail from the mailbox in one click from the iPhone. It is not surprising, because letters often occupy hundreds of megabytes, or even a couple of gigabytes in the iCloud storage. But not everything in iOS is as obvious as it seems at first glance: often you have to experiment to find a particular function.

Unfortunately, in the native Mail app, there is still no one-button solution to deleting all letters, but at least you can simplify the process of cleaning the mailbox by reading my recommendations.

We delay putting things in order until the last moment. We don’t want to manually poke or swipe every message. There is a solution how to delete all e-mails since iOS 10. Go.

Delete All E-mails on iPhone

How to quickly delete all emails from Inbox, use the following instructions:

  • Go to the Mail application;
  • Select the account where we want to delete all letters;
  • Go to the desired folder or remain in the Inbox;
  • In the upper right corner, click Edit;
  • Choose messages you want to delete;
How to Delete All Mail on your iPhone?
  • An additional line will appear at the bottom with the options Move;
How to Delete All Mail on your iPhone?
  • A pop-up window will open in which you can immediately send all your messages to the Trash.
How to Delete All Mail on your iPhone?

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Where is the Mail Trash on my iPhone?

Here the way to your Trash bin on your iPhone:

  • Open Mail;
  • Go to Mailboxes;
  • Here you will see the Trash section;
How to Delete All Mail on your iPhone?
  • In the Trash select Delete all, since there is such a button;
How to Delete All Mail on your iPhone?
  • Confirm “Delete All” again.
How to Delete All Mail on your iPhone?


As a result, we deleted hundreds of letters in just 10 seconds! You can delete a few thousand, but you have to wait a bit. In the same way, you can delete messages from the Outbox if you suddenly need it, as well as from any mailbox in the standard Mail application, Gmail, or others.

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