This is a short instruction for those who are faced with the need to deauthorize computers in iTunes. What is it, why is it used and generally needed, and also what to do when one of the five computers is simply impossible to deauthorize – I will tell further.

How to Deauthorize iTunes, and Why are You Needed It?

Mandatory educational program for a start. The authorization and deauthorization system is a mechanism for identifying computers connected to the iTunes Store. In simple terms, computer authorization “links” them to your account and makes it possible to listen to, download or delete music through them that was previously purchased or downloaded to the “cloud” as part of the iTunes Match service.

How to Deauthorize Computer?

The requirement to authorize a computer in the iTunes Store always arises when you try to download from iTunes any of your previous purchases. For example, load the program into the iPhone’s memory via a synchronization cable or simply “upload” a long-purchased album to the hard disk. All this is allowed only after the device authorization procedure: you enter the password from your account again, and then iTunes “remembers” your PC or Mac and allows you to carry out all possible operations with your Apple ID account. If several operating systems are installed on the same computer, authorization will need to be performed for each of them.

In instruction below you will find step by step guide how to deauthorized your computer from iTunes:

  • Open iTunes;
  • Select in menu bar Account -> Authorizations -> Deauthorize This Computer.
How to Deauthorize Computer in iTunes?

How to Deauthorize All Computers at Once?

  • Open iTunes;
  • Select the iTunes Store tab and log in to your Apple ID account;
  • In the window that opens, find the “Computer authorization” item and click on the “Deauthorize all” button.
How to Deauthorize Computer in iTunes?

Warning! You can take advantage of this opportunity only once every 12 months. After that, you will have to manually authorize each of your computers, but you will not need to search for which ones were originally authorized. A good option for those cases when you have lost an old laptop, sold it or reinstalled the OS from scratch.


That’s all. Now you can reconnect any computers to your iTunes account and App Store. Only this time do not get carried away and do not forget to deauthorize if you are selling a computer or reinstalling the operating system on it.

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