One of the features of the macOS operating system that PC users immediately notice is the lack of the “Cut” command in the context menu. On Windows, this command is used to move files in Explorer. Apple computers have a similar effect, but it works in a different way.

In fact, Apple has simplified the way to copy and move files in the Finder – instead of the two commands “Copy” and “Cut”, there is only one “Copy”. The second command directly affects what action is taken with the file: the user can either insert a copy of the file or move the original. In the first case, it is enough to call the context menu and use the usual insert, in the second – you need to hold down the Alt button: the inscription “Paste” will change to “Move object here”. It is very easy to remember, but this approach often leads to confusion.

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Many users, especially those who have moved from Windows to Mac relatively recently, are wondering why the developers are so namous with the standard “Cut” and “Paste” keys. If in windows this is “CTRL + X” and “CTRL + V”, respectively, then on Mac the same keyboard shortcut (Сommand + X and Сommand + V) does not lead to anything.

How to Cut and Paste on Mac

There is a little trick here, let’s take a step-by-step look at an example of how the cut and paste process works on Mac devices:

  • Select the desired file and click “Сommand” + “C”;
  • Then go to the folder where you need to insert the file and click “Сommand” + “Option” + “V”.
How to Cut and Paste Files and Folders in macOS?

That’s all, our document has moved to the final folder! It may not be very convenient to press three keys instead of two keys, but the concept of the developers of macOS is to prevent accidental movement or removal of files, hence such sacrifices.


However, it should be noted that if you use the “Cmd + C” and “Cmd + V” key combination within the section of your Mac (that is, do not drop it on the USB flash drive), the file will be moved, and if you need to throw it onto external media, then copy. Agree on this there is a certain logic.

I hope my advice helped make life easier for someone and made using a Mac even more comfortable. Waiting for your comment, suggestions, wishes. See you in the next post!

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