E-mail from a tool for communication has become a means of first necessity: we use it to communicate with friends, to build and develop a business, to register on various sites and access payment systems and Internet banking. A modern user cannot do without E-mail, a fan of Apple devices and services cannot do without an e-mail address with @icloud.com at the end. In this article we will see how to create iCloud Email if you needed this type of domain. Actually, all you need for that is your Apple ID and  your new E-mail almost ready for use.

Method 1: Create iCloud E-mail on PC

How to Create a New iCloud Email Address?

It is possible to create iCloud mail for Windows and it’s free for everyone. Use this simple instruction:

  • Download iCloud for Windows and Install it;
  • Reboot your PC;
  • Make sure the iCloud for Windows program is open. If it does not open automatically, go to the “Start” menu, open “Applications” or “Programs” and select “iCloud for Windows”.
  • Enter your Apple ID to log into iCloud.
  • Select the features and content you want to keep up to date on all devices.

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Method 2: Create iCloud Email in macOS

How to Create a New iCloud Email Address?

To create your iCloud email alias in macOS follow the next steps:

  • Go to System Preferences -> iCloud menu;
  • Click on the checkbox in Mail tab;
How to Create a New iCloud Email Address?
  • Enter the name for your email and password for Apple ID;
  • Click “Done”.

The e-mail address @icloud.com will be successfully registered, and you will receive online notification about it. In order to confirm your backup email address, follow the link in the email and enter your email and password.


Anyone can create iCloud mail, it is free (5 GB of free space on the Apple server), contains no advertising and is effective in combating spam. The only inconvenience is that you can register the address @icloud.com only on Apple devices: iPhone, iPad or Mac connected to the Internet.

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