The updated version of the cloud storage Apple iCloud Drive is almost a full-fledged competitor to the popular services Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. True, users are not so eager to get over it because of the relatively unfavorable pricing policy with an increase in free space and somewhat difficult navigation.

If with the first problem everyone gets out how can, then the second is solved quite simply. In this article I will tell you how to copy files from the macOS Finder Explorer to iCloud Drive.

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Below you will find several ways to copy iCloud Drive files while maintaining a local copy on a Mac, available offline.

Copy Files and Folders to iCloud Drive by Drag and Drop

To copy a file by simply dragging and dropping to iCloud Drive, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open two Finder windows or tabs with the desired files and iCloud Drive folder or find it’s icon in Finder’s sidebar;
How to Copy Files from Finder in macOS to iCloud Drive?
  • Choose the files you need to move;
  • Move files with the Option key held down on the keyboard.
How to Copy Files from Finder in macOS to iCloud Drive?

Copying Files and Folders to iCloud Drive Using Hotkeys

The procedure is carried out in the classic way to copy-paste using hotkeys:

  • Select the necessary files in the Finder and press the key combination Command + C on the keyboard to copy;
How to Copy Files from Finder in macOS to iCloud Drive?
  • In the iCloud Drive folder, press Command + V on the keyboard to paste.
How to Copy Files from Finder in macOS to iCloud Drive?


When using iCloud Drive, it is good that this is a regular MacOS service that does not require additional registrations, authorizations and installation of third-party software.

By default, all files from the marked document folders are moved to the iCloud Drive cloud, which automatically makes it unnecessary for the user to store copies of files locally on the computer and access all Apple devices. It is very convenient!

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