With each new release in macOS, Apple completes the functionality of its system. Even in the version of El Capitan, developers have added a new way to copy the path to the files.

Those users who often have to copy the full addresses in the file system, in previous versions of macOS or OS X had to use not very convenient methods. However, with the release of “Captain” this problem is solved in a Cupertino elegantly way – with the usual Mac key “Option”. How to get and copy the path to any file in macOS, I will tell in this article.

How to Copy File Path to a File or Folder?

  • Open a new Finder window. Click on the icon or select File -> New Finder window in the menu bar;
  • Find the desired file or folder and right-click on it. (If you do not use the right button – hold down the Ctrl key and click on the file or folder);
How to Copy File Path in macOS?
  • A context menu will appear;
  • Without closing the context menu, hold down the Option key (Alt). Take a closer look – new commands appeared in the menu;
  • Select “Copy File or Folder as Path“;
  • Done!
How to Copy File Path in macOS?

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How to Insert File path in Word

Now, when the full path to the file has just been added to the clipboard all we need it is to save it somewhere. To paste it into any compatible macOS application (Word File for example), press Command + V.

How to Copy File Path in macOS?


As a result, the full address of the object will appear in the clipboard, from where you can work with it as with any other text fragment — for example, paste into the Finder window of the shortcut Command + Shift + G.

How to Copy File Path in macOS?

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