Today dmg is one of the most popular formats for storing various content and is actively used on macOS, as it allows you to save large files (for example, movies) without loss of quality. On the Windows platform, this view is also present, but not as popular as iso due to the fact that the user cannot open the file directly due to the standard limitations of the operating system.

But, with the help of special utilities, you can reformat the dmg format to the standard one, and how to do this will be described in today’s article.

How to Open a File?

There are several ways to open an extension of this type and each of them should be considered in detail. In this article we will discuss the use of Apple Disk Utility for converting dmg to iso format, and how the alternative will be shown through the Terminal.

Convert DMG to ISO Via Apple Disk Utility

Apple Disk Utility is native macOS software for working with embedded disks. On Windows, the application serves to convert macOS files. It allows you to convert files of different extensions, as well as change them if necessary.

Disk Utility can do this as follows:

  • Open Disk Utility;
  • Open Images -> Convert;
How to Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility?
  • Select your dmg file;
How to Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility?
  • Select DVD/CD master;
  • In dialog box, choose“Convert”;
How to Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility?
  • The disk utility will insist on saving the new iso as a .cdr file, but in fact it is .iso;
How to Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility?
  • You can rename it to .iso in the Finder if you want;
  • Right click on file and choose “Get Info”;
How to Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility?
  • In Name & Extension tab rename cdr -> iso;
  • In dialog box, choose “Use .iso”
How to Convert DMG to CDR or ISO with Disk Utility?

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Convert DMG to ISO Via Terminal

Convert a file with dmg extension to iso, in macOS via Termainal is the easiest way for advanced users.

Just follow the steps:

  • Open the Terminal;
  • Type the command manually:
hdiutil convert '/Path/to/your/file_name.dmg' -format UDTO -o '/Path/to/your/ file_name.iso'
  • As a result, the file file_name.iso.cdr will be created;
  • Rename the file by erasing the .cdr extension and get a ready-made iso image without additional programs.


Dmg is a disk image familiar to many that is widely used in macOS due to its ability to compress a large file without losing its quality. But, most of the standard Windows software and third-party utilities do not support this view because of what it is necessary to resort to third-party methods for converting this postscript.

As a rule, iso is used for this, since these 2 formats are very similar in their functions. By the way, on Mac, iso can also be opened only with the help of third-party programs.

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