One of the most anticipated innovations of the fourth-generation Apple TV is the gaming component. In order to fully enjoy the news on the big screen, you will need to connect a game controller to the console. Any compatible controller turns the new Apple TV (4th generation) into a real game console! In addition, you can easily control the console from it. How it works? This is what will be discussed in today’s article, and I will tell you in detail how to connect the Playstation 4 joystick to Apple TV.

How to Connect a Playstation 4 Bluetooth Gamepad to Apple TV?

  • To connect it to the set-top box, open Settings on it, select the Remote control and devices item, then Bluetooth;
  • Then turn on the power on the controller and put it into pairing mode;
How to Connecting PS4 Controller to your iPhone or iPad?
  • The gamepad is determined by Apple TV, after which it remains only to choose for use.

How to Use Playstation 4 as Remotes Controller with Apple TV?

Now the gamepad can navigate through the console. Everything is like on the native console – button X is responsible for choosing, O button is for returning to the previous menu, the left joystick is for moving right-left-up-down.

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The controller can even wake the Apple TV from sleep mode. To do this, connect it to a power source. Further, the accessory itself will “wake up” the Apple TV box via a Bluetooth connection. So you won’t have to look for the Siri Remote.

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