Despite the fact that Apple gadgets have amazing displays, it is more convenient to watch videos and look at photos on the big screen. If you are looking for a way to connect your iPhone to your TV, read some tips in my article.

Connect iPhone to TV with Lightning to HDMI Adapter

Connect the Apple gadget to the panel and through a multi-component high-definition interface: in modern models of TVs there is at least one such connector – HDMI.

To connect the plug to the smartphone, you need a special Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter:

  • For iPhone 5 and higher: an adapter from Lightning to TV (Lightning Digital AV Adapter) – sold in the Apple Store;
  • For iPhone 4 and below: an adapter with a 30-pin Apple connector on TV (Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter) – sold, for example, from Apple resellers.
How to Connect iPhone to TV with Lightning to HDMI Cable?

Any HDMI/VGA cable (depending on the connectors on your TV). The longer the better: if you want to sit far enough away from the TV, choose a cable that is 4-5 meters long.

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The connection is very simple: plug one end of an HDMI/VGA cable into the TV, and the other into the adapter for Apple devices, and then connect the iPhone to the adapter. You can also connect to the second Lightning connector charging, so that the battery does not sit down during operation. The same way you can connect your iPad to HDMI input on your TV.

How to Connect iPhone to TV with Lightning to HDMI Cable?


Further, the synchronization process is quite simple: turn off devices, connect cables to the TV panel and to the phone via a Lightning connector. In the absence of a micro-HDMI jack in the phone, it is permissible to use a micro-USB-HDMI signal converter. After switching on the devices, the necessary settings occur automatically, but in case of an error, this will have to be done manually. To do this, on each device, activate “HDMI” as a signal source. If synchronization is successful, a picture from the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen.

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