Often, when you click the Close button in any of the programs on macOS, the system closes the open file or hides the program from the screen, but it also continues to consume computer resources while remaining in RAM. To completely close the program and unload it from memory, you need to close the program, for this you can use the Cmd + Q key combination. But what to do if you have a lot of open programs and Mac work has deteriorated significantly?

In this article we will see how to close all finder tabs or windows on Mac, and applications in the quickest way!

Close All Finder Windows with Hotkey Combination

The second method is the most convenient and obvious despite the fact that it was not in the old versions and it was necessary to write a script in the Automator independently. All we need to do to close all open Finder windows is to simultaneously press Command + Option + W. After this trick Mac without doubts close all Finder windows.

How to Close All Windows on Mac?

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Close All Apps via Reload User Session

This method is very simple – you just need to log out the user and log in again. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • In the menu bar, click and select Log Out “Username”;
  • After uncheck the checkbox “Reopen windows when logging in again” and click Log Out.
How to Close All Windows on Mac?

Now, when you log in to the system under your user, all previously opened programs will be closed, and the RAM is free.


Useful advice for owners of “touch” MacBook or trackpads Magic Trackpad. For you, Apple has developed a special Multi-Touch-gesture for going to the desktop. To activate it, it is enough to dissolve the thumb and three other fingers from the center to the edge and you clean all your Desktop from all apps and windows.

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