Instagram is a popular free photo sharing service. Each time you launch the application and download and view photos and videos, copies of these files are saved on your iPhone (or Android device).

Some applications use the cache to speed up processes and prevent the reloading of previously opened images and data, however Instagram cache can grow to significant volumes, taking up a lot of space on the device.

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In the instructions below, I’ll show you how to clear your Instagram cache and free up space on your iPhone. This problem is very relevant for iPhone owners with a small amount of internal storage.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?

Note for users of Android devices: in the Android version of Instagram there is a “Clear Cache” button under the “Settings” section, by clicking on which users can clear the cache.

Unfortunately, in the version of Instagram for iOS, this option is absent, so owners of apple devices will need to manually remove the application and reinstall it in order to clear the cache.

This procedure requires an active Internet connection and you will need to log in to the application again at the end of the process:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage;
How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?
  • Wait for the storage information to load;
  • Scroll down to the list of apps and find Instagram. Next, the volume occupied by the application in the storage will be indicated;
  • Click Instagram;
How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?
  • Click “Delete App”;
  • Confirm the removal by clicking “Delete App”;
How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?
  • Open the App Store on the iPhone;
  • Search the Instagram using search or other methods) and download the application again.
How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?

It is important to note that Instagram needs to be deleted, not uploaded. During unloading, the application will be deleted, but the cache will be saved in the “Documents and data” section.


The problem with Instagram cache is especially noticeable when using earlier versions of Instagram and iPhone, where the amount of internal memory is small. In some cases, the Instagram cache may take up more than 2 GB of space, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the application, it will decrease to about 90 MB.

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