In this article we will talk about how to effectively clean the keyboard on the MacBook, which, despite its convenience, is tarnished no worse than a regular keyboard.

Best Way to Clean Mac Keyboard

Apple has found that on a small percentage of keyboards on certain MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, one or more of the following symptoms may occur:

  • Unexpected repetition of letters or characters;
  • The absence of typed characters on the screen;
  • “Sticking” or lack of proper response keys.

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Cleaning MacBook Keyboard

During this procedure, use the straw included in the compressed air bottle to control the air flow and hold the end of the straw 1 cm from the keyboard when spraying. Also remember that you can not turn the cylinder when spraying.

How to Clean MacBook Keyboard the Right Way?
  • Turn off your MacBook;
  • Hold the MacBook at an angle of 75 degrees, (not vertically);
  • Blow with compressed air the entire keyboard or only the problem keys from left to right;
  • Put MacBook first on the right edge and blow the keyboard again, from left to right. Repeat on the left edge.


It is also important to note that cleaning the keyboard with liquid can affect not only the operation of the keyboard as a whole, but also the operation of the backlight. All MacBook Pro models up to 2016 and almost all models of MacBook Air, have a backlight on the basis of light-scattering layers, which is why the liquid (mostly dark in color) noticeably reduces the brightness of the backlight. It is relatively easy to identify such a failure, since the lateral rows of keys “fade” mostly, while the illumination of the central unit remains uniform. In this case, cleaning of the light scattering layers can solve the problem.

How to Clean MacBook Keyboard the Right Way?

Anyway, each individual case is unique, and I brought only the safest cleaning option, which I use regularly.

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