If your Internet seems slow or the pages of the sites do not load, the problem may be in your Wi-Fi connection. You may be too far from the source, or thick walls block the signal. Here’s how to check the Wi-Fi signal strength.

Why Wi-Fi Signal Strength Matters?

A stronger Wi-Fi signal means a more reliable connection. This is what allows you to take full advantage of the Internet speeds available to you. The signal level depends on many factors, such as the distance to the router, at what frequency the router is broadcasting (2.4 or 5 GHz), and even on the material of the walls in the apartment. The closer you are to the router, the better. While 2.4 GHz connections are transmitted further, they are more susceptible to interference. Thicker walls made of denser materials (such as concrete) will block the Wi-Fi signal. On the other hand, a weaker signal leads to a slower speed and in some cases a complete shutdown.

Easy way to check Wi-Fi signal strength

To test your Wi-Fi, the first thing to do is look at the device that has problems. On iOS, you should have a Wi-Fi connection indicator. Usually these three curved lines make up the Wi-Fi symbol, and the more they are filled, the stronger the connection.

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Wi-Fi Signal Strength App

You can use the AirPort Utility app for iPhone and iPad to measure the Wi-Fi signal strength on your phone or tablet. It is easy to use and shows results for any wireless networks in your location.

For iPhone users, AirPort Utility really requires you to go into your device’s settings and turn on the Wi-Fi scanner:

  • Open AppStore and install “AirPort Utility” app;
How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength in iOS?
  • Just go to Settings;
  • Click “Airport Utility” in the settings list;
How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength in iOS?
  • Then turn on the Wi-Fi Scanner;
How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength in iOS?
  • Now return to the Airport Utility app and run the Wi-Fi Scan;
How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength in iOS?
  • You will see dBm measurements expressed as RSSI (received signal strength indicator).
How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength in iOS?


Unfortunately, there is no one-stop solution for amplifying the Wi-Fi network signal in every home.

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