Any iPhone in the section “About” in its settings has a mysterious item “Carrier”, next to which is a number. The user, having discovered this name, is usually lost and cannot understand what it means, because, in theory, this place should contain the logo of the telecom operator and its name. This article will explain what Carrier is in the iPhone, what this situation means and how to fix it.

How to Check iPhone Carrier and What is it in my iPhone?

To understand the essence of this concept, it is necessary to provide a literal translation of the word denoting it. Thus, in English, the term “carrier” is translated as courier, carrier, carrier. The technical translation of this word implies the company – a mobile operator, i.e. “Carrier” means the one that provides communication services.

So, with the translation of the term, everything is clear. But why is the “Carrier” instead of the AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or another company, which the iPhone user preferred, in the settings line instead of the operator’s name?

How to Check iPhone Carrier?

iPhone Carrier Check

To dispel this misunderstanding is simple. The fact is that the owner of the gadget did not receive (or did not install) network settings files that contain the specifications of a specific operator, data on Internet settings and other equally important data.

For this reason, if the user did not receive the configuration files (either installed incorrectly or an error occurred during the installation), the mobile device (in our case, the iPhone), instead of the communication company settings, offers its own settings. In most cases, the latter work with errors, which is understandable.

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  • Let’s get to Settings -> General;
How to Check iPhone Carrier?
  • Next step is About tab;
How to Check iPhone Carrier?
  • For all of the above reasons, instead of the name of the carrier, the inscription “Carrier” will appear in the corresponding line;
How to Check iPhone Carrier?
  • The number next to this word means only a specific version of the settings.

Causes of iPhone Settings Issues with Carrier

Now, knowing what the term “Carrier” means, we will no longer be afraid of the unfamiliar inscription in the device window “Contact Carrier”. But in order for problems with settings to occur as rarely as possible, it is necessary to find out the reasons that may cause them. Usually, the communication company sends the file with the network settings to the subscriber on the machine, when it is first connected to the network. But if this for some reason did not happen, then something could hinder this process.

The causes of dysfunction communication settings on the iPhone:

  • Errors in the process of synchronization settings;
  • Outdated sim card format;
  • The lack of an agreement between the communications company and the manufacturer of Apple devices to provide the user with the appropriate settings. This can happen with new companies that have recently entered the market of communication services. With proven, well-known operators this should not happen.

Above were 3 main reasons, because of which failures in the network settings system in iPhones occur most often. And now let’s move on to how to resolve problem situations with Carrier.

Fix Problems with Carrier

Perhaps the source of the problem lies in the obsolete SIM card format that stands in your iPhone. Therefore, it is better to replace this card with a new one. To do this, you need to contact any branch of the carrier, whose services you use, where you will be given a new SIM card, and, if you wish, with the same number.

After receiving and installing a new format SIM card, follow these steps:

  • Update the operating system of the iPhone to the newest version (sometimes the cause of the problem lies precisely in this);
  • Try loading the carrier settings yourself;
  • Make a network connection;
  • Enter the settings and click on the main item, and then on the section. Where is the information about your phone. Expect some time;
  • In the case of the availability of settings, the communication company will send a message to the phone with a suggestion to install or update them.

As a rule, after performing all the above actions, the situation with Carrier on the smartphone from Apple is resolved successfully.


Just a few words about the essence of Carrier. Surely many will be interested to learn more about the history of the origin of this software. In the earliest versions of the iPhone operating system, Carrier was installed by the manufacturer itself in order to track user-launched applications. But not only Carrier watched such operations, but also other types of active actions, sending the collected information to the company for improvement in the subsequent functions of the device. In fact, it was a spyware program, which, of course, caused a negative attitude among users who fought it in various ways. This led to the fact that the Apple company in the new versions of iOS has ceased to implement this program.

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