When buying an iPhone, even if it is new, from the hands, it is important to remember that it can be tied to a particular mobile provider. The sale of the iPhone “with reference” is practiced in many countries – according to the terms of the contract, users receive an Apple smartphone at a low price, but undertake to pay money for the right to use the device for a certain period (up to two years). In order not to make a mess and not run into such an iPhone – users should be able to check the current status of the device.

The unlocked iPhone, in turn, allows you to use the SIM card of any operator, without resorting to various tricks. Sellers of locked iPhones often keep silent about the status of the sold iPhone, wishing only to quickly hand off the “defective” device.

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How to Check if the iPhone is Locked?

You can find out the entire inside iPhone for a few minutes – for this you need to use the help of a special service:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> About;
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked?
  • Find the IMEI and rewrite the specified numbers;
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked?
  • Go to iphoneox.com;
  • Enter your IMEI in the line “Enter IMEI here …” and click Check;
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked?
  • Wait until the test is complete;
  • Check the Sim Lock Status of the iPhone.
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked?


Unlocked status means that your phone is not locked and you can safely continue to use it. Unknown – can mean different things: from the version with the fact that the smartphone is unlocked, to the inaccessibility of the information about your device to the service. The status, which is the name of the mobile operator, for example, TMeteorele – Ireland IRL says that the iPhone is locked to this specific operator.

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