Hard drives are the primary storage device for now. Maintaining a hard disk in good condition is necessary, no matter what you use – SSD or HDD. After all, the loss of information – a huge problem for its owner. There are a number of quality applications for macOS, which allow you to monitor the health of your hard disk, correct errors and test the speed of writing/reading. For example, the basic functionality is already available with the system – Disk Utility.

Today I will tell you how to check the status of the hard disk in macOS. In this way, you can easily find out what state the hard drive is and whether it needs to be replaced.

It is very important to do this, since problems with a hard disk are quite common and occur in many users.

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How to check hard drive status in macOS

The method is the same in all modern versions of macOS:

  • Open Disk Utility in Utilities;
  • Select a hard disk from the list on the left;
  • Press the “First Aid” button;
How to Check Hard Drive Health in macOS?
  • Click “Run” agree with all of the following conditions and then begin the process of checking the disc;
How to Check Hard Drive Health in macOS?
  • When it is finished the result will be shown with a detailed report can be viewed in the check disk window.
How to Check Hard Drive Health in macOS?

Hard Disk is not Displayed at all in Disk Utility

If your hard disk is not displayed at all in Disk Utility, it will either be out of order or will periodically stop working and will soon stop working altogether. It is also possible that the disk is not physically connected, which is possible if the device is damaged.


I recommend to regularly save a copy of the data through Time Machine or in another way, as well as to monitor the status of the hard disk in the manner described above.

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