Apple AirPods offers about five hours of listening time and two hours of talk time without recharging. If you take AirPods for 15 minutes in their case, you can get up to three hours of listening or more than an hour of conversation.

How to Check Battery on AirPods?

When the battery is low, one or both of the AirPods will play a beep. If the battery level is low, the signal will be single, and immediately before turning off the AirPods, it will be double. So it’s worth putting the headphones in the case. But How to check AirPods battery on iPhone? I will tell you a few tricks about this in today’s article.

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Open the Cover

On your iPhone, open the cover of the case containing the AirPods and place the case in close proximity to the device. Wait a few seconds until the charging status of the AirPods with charging case is displayed on the screen.

Today’s Tray Widget

In addition, you can check the charging status of your AirPods with a charging case using the “Battery” widget on your iOS device.

Note: Keep in mind that the charge level of the case is displayed only if at least one AirPods is in the case.

Hey Siri! What is the AirPods battery life?

If you are a Siri fan and wear your AirPods, you can always ask the virtual assistant: “What is the AirPods battery life?” And you should get an answer.


It is also worth noting that the approximate charge level of AirPods can be recognized by the light in the charging case. If the light is green, the case is charged. If the light is orange, it is not fully charged. On a Mac, the charge level of connected accessories can be found in the Bluetooth menu.

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