Increasingly, people’s work is tied to working with a tablet or phone. We spend many hours behind it. Over time, you begin to notice that it is difficult to maintain concentration when looking at the screen. Such work clearly affects our vision, which makes it difficult to perceive information from the display.

If the font of the iPad or iPhone interface is not very convenient and small for your eyes, then it can be increased using the settings. Font enlargement settings in both iPad and iPhone change the size of the system interface and applications, but this does not apply to website fonts. It turns out that although the interface has become more readable and tailored to your vision, but as soon as you open a website and the small letters of extensive texts are already hard to read.

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Why Tumblr?

This is a perfect platform! Blogging and posting is easy. Share stories, photos, GIFs, television shows, links, jokes, stories, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, philosophical discourse, fashion and art updates, etc.

How to Change Font in Safari for Tumblr Site?

  • By opening the Tumblr site in Safari, you can see the icon of the aA -reader function;
  • The buttons at the top left are responsible for this. You can variate Font size with “a and A” buttons;
How to Change Tumblr Font Size in Safari on iPad or iPhone?


Now when you need to increase the font of the site. You can change the resolution several times, if necessary, to determine the optimal size of the elements for you.

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