Regardless of whether you are a multilingual user of Apple or simply are not familiar with foreign languages, but you probably change the keyboard language from time to time. Switching the keyboard language in iOS is really quite simple, in this article I will step by step tell how to change layouts on iPhone or iPad.

Adding a Language to the Keyboard on iPhone and iPad?

First of all you need to include the language you need in the list of layouts. This will allow you to use foreign languages ​​without completely changing the iOS language. You can add, customize, or delete language keyboards at any time by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings -> General -> Keyboard;
How to Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone?
  • Select “Keyboards” and click on “Add New Keyboard”;
How to Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone?
  • Then click on the alternative language keyboard you need to add it to the list of iOS keyboard layouts, after which you can quickly change to it when you type.
How to Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone?

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Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone and iPad?

After you have enabled at least one keyboard of another language in the iOS settings, you can quickly and easily switch between keyboard languages ​​by performing the following actions:

  • Go to where you can access the virtual keyboard on the screen (for example iMessages);
  • Press and hold the Globe icon to open the keyboard language menu;
How to Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone?
  • Select an alternate language to switch to it;
How to Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone?
  • The selected keyboard language is immediately activated.
How to Change the Keyboard Language on iPhone?


All the above-mentioned tricks will help you to quickly switch between input methods, but sometimes you need to delete a lot of text written. Of course, you can delete the text manually, but better use a very convenient gesture. Just shake the phone and a message will appear asking you to delete the entire text.

I hope that this post turned out to be interesting and you learned a few new tricks. I think it is worth using the “benefits” to the fullest offered by Apple.

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