A six-digit lock password is more reliable than a four-digit password. On the other hand, if you are not a prime minister, you are unlikely to store sensitive data of national importance on your iPhone or iPad. In this manual, I’ll show you how to set or change a lock password.

Setting Password on iPhone

Probably, the article will be especially relevant for owners of devices without a Touch ID scanner, who have to enter a password each time to unlock the screen. Nevertheless, owners of all iOS smartphones and tablets can take simple steps.

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Change iPhone Passcode

  • To change the password code, open the Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode. To do this, you need to enter the current combination of numbers, so be sure to remember it;
How to Change Passcode on iPhone?
  • Find the option “Change Passcode” and enter the current four or six-digit combination of numbers again;
How to Change Passcode on iPhone?
  • When the device asks you enter a new password, don’t need to hurry;
  • Click “Passcode Options” above the numeric keypad;
How to Change Passcode on iPhone?
  • To set a four-digit combination, select the “4-digit code” or “6-digit” option and enter the new password twice;
How to Change Passcode on iPhone?
  • After a few seconds, the changes will take effect, and you will return to the Touch ID and password code settings page.


Remember or write down the new combination – after changing the password, you will automatically enter the old one for several days.

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