It is difficult for a person to remember numbers, especially if it is a long row, more than 5-6 digits. Phone numbers just go beyond these limits and this even applies to our own phone number. Sometimes we have to dictate it to a friend, the support service of some service and to be sure that you are not mistaken, the iPhone has a built-in function “My Info” Card, which displays your own phone number, mail, home address and other information about the device owner. How to find your Personal Card and how to edit these parameters, we see in practice, right now.

How to Change My Card on iPhone?

Setting up “My Info” Card for different type of data with following steps:

  • Select Phone app;
How to Change My Info on iPhone?
  • At the top of the list you will see Your card;
How to Change My Info on iPhone?
  • Click on “My Card” and select from the list a card with your name and information;
  • To change the field label, for example, “home” to “work”, click the “Edit” button;
How to Change My Info on iPhone?
  • Then tap the label and select from the list. You can also click “Add your own label” to create your own label with green “+” button.
How to Change My Info on iPhone?

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How to Change Home on iPhone?

You can change home address in your card on iPhone or Mac. Also we could modify or add information about your e-mail, birthday, etc. The picture can be used in other programs, such as Messaging or Mail. Select your card fields to be edited then add new information to it.


A personal card on your iPhone is a very handy thing if you need to quickly send someone your details with contact information. This is actually a virtual business card with Info in your iPhone, and unlike a paper card, it will always be at hand and it’s not so easy to lose.

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  1. how i want to undo my “My Card” at the top of the list cuz im accidentally deleted?

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