Game Center is Apple’s online service for many games for iOS and macOS. It allows users to play together online, track records and achieve friends and challenge them. Now, almost any game for the iPhone or iPad requires a Game Center connection when it is first launched.

Most new owners of iOS-devices do not particularly think about when registering and choose the first name that came across for the alias. Previously, it was possible to change the nickname in the Game Center in the Application itself, and in modern iOS it has to be done a little differently, as in older versions.

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All iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users can change their nickname in the Game Center from their device and exactly as many times as necessary. Make it pretty simple.

Where I Can FInd my Game Center App?

As you probably know, several versions of iOS back, Apple abandoned the use of a Game Center application. Now it is simply located in the Settings menu. Look there, sure it will not cause any difficulties.

How to Change Game Center Name on iPhone or iPad?

How to Change Game Center Name

  • Click on your current nickname in Game Center;
How to Change Game Center Name on iPhone or iPad?
  • After that you will need to login online. Just enter your Apple ID and password that you used during Game Center asked you to sign up;
  • Now you will see a page where you can edit your profile. Just change the nickname in Game Center;
  • When finished, click Done;
How to Change Game Center Name on iPhone or iPad?


Changes are applied immediately to closed games, and those that are currently running on the device must be closed and run again.

For the same users who prefer “privacy” in the same settings, you can disable the Public Profile option.

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