The standard iPhone application “Mail” is not inferior to most third-party email clients. Many users of “Mail” and do like more analogues due to its simplicity.

In this guide, I’ll talk about how to change the password of any mailbox on the iPhone.

It is worth mentioning right away that changing the password for your email account from the iPhone is possible only for accounts whose settings have been entered manually. In the case of services such as Gmail, Outlook, etc., where there are pop-ups when activating a mail account in an iPhone, the password can only be changed directly from the web version of the application or from the official application on the device.

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How to Update E-mail Password on iPhone?

If the data for the Mail program was brought by your system administrator and you need to enter them manually, then they can be changed without problems.

Follow these steps:

  • Enter Settings -> Passwords & Accounts;
How to Change E-mail Password on iPhone?
  • Select the account whose password you want to change;
How to Change E-mail Password on iPhone?
  • On the screen you will see the data associated with the account and server addresses;
  • Scrolling below, if necessary, you will find a number of black circles next to the inscription “Password”;
  • To update E-mail password on iPhone, erase the hidden password and enter a new one.
How to Change E-mail Password on iPhone?


In 99% of cases, this method is very effective. If the email account settings cannot be changed, contact your mail service representative or system administrator.

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