Mail client in macOS is pretty good, but many users prefer to work with alternative applications, such as, for example, Spark.

In this small instruction I will explain how to set default Mail client on Mac to alternative application.

Setting Default Mail Client on Mac

As such an alternative client, choose the already mentioned Spark, but this is just an example – you can use the application that you like.

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So, let’s take as initial data that Spak is already downloaded from the Mac App Store and installed on your computer with macOS or OS X:

  • Start the regular Mail application (yes, you need to start it, although you want to assign another program as default);
  • In the top menu, select Mail -> Preferences;
How to Change Default Mail Client on Mac?
  • Then go to the General tab;
  • Find the Default email reader drop-down menu;
  • Open the list of applications and select the necessary (in our case this is Spark);
How to Change Default Mail Client on Mac?
  • If the application does not appear in the list, but it is installed on your computer, click on Select and manually select the application in the window that opens (Spark);
How to Change Default Mail Client on Mac?
  • Choosing Spark and click Select ;
  • Close the Mail settings window, close the Mail application.
  • Done!


Now the default e-mail client is the application you selected – it will open links with email addresses and it will create new letters in it if, for example, you want to send a file by email from anywhere in macOS.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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