How to change Apple ID without losing personal information and as safe as possible? To do this, all you need is to perform several successive operations and be careful.

Apple ID is the username required to use the iCloud service on Apple devices, shopping on the App Store and iTunes Store, ordering online at Apple retail stores and contacting Apple support services. There are a lot of cases when a user may need to change Apple ID on an iPhone or iPad, for example, after purchasing a gadget from his hands or receiving a device as a gift from a relative. In the process of changing the Apple ID on the iPhone or iPad, there is nothing complicated, but here it is important to know a few subtleties, which we will discuss in this instruction.

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The first point – Apple ID can be changed directly from the device. The user does not need to resort to authorization on the official Apple website in order to change the Apple ID used on the iPhone or iPad. The second thing you need to know – all photos, contacts and applications that are available on the device will be saved. Many users are afraid of deleting their personal data and do not change Apple ID for a long time, using someone else’s identifier, so you don’t need to be afraid of missing content. And finally – there is no need to specify a credit card number to create an Apple ID. The method of registering an Apple ID without a card is described in detail in this manual.

How to change Apple ID Account on iPhone

This method works with iPhone 5, 6, 7 and later models:

  • Go to the “Settings”;
  • Find here “iTunes & App Store”;
  • At the very bottom of the store’s main page, click on the Apple ID name under which authorization was made;
  • In the pop-up menu, select “Sign Out”;
  • After a successful exit, click “Login”;
  • Select “With existing Apple ID” and log in using your Apple ID account details.

Done! You changed your Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Nothing complicated really. As practice shows, there are a lot of cases when people have completely unpredictable problems with Apple ID replacement in the iCloud settings section. In the comments below we discuss together and try to find a solution for each case separately.

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