Apple decided to scold for the quality of its web-products, but the music streaming service Apple Music undoubtedly turned out to be successful. This shows both the dynamics of its growth, which is the best in the market among similar services, as well as user reviews. However, if you aren’t happy with Apple Music for any reason, you can always unsubscribe from it.

Cancelling Apple Music

Apple provides three months free testing of Apple Music to all new users in exchange for credit card information. The subscription will be automatically renewed if it is not timely canceled manually more than 24-hours before the renewal date.

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You can unsubscribe from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch mobile devices, the 4th generation Apple TV, and iTunes on Windows and macOS.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription

To unsubscribe from iOS devices:

  • Open Settings;
  • Select your Apple ID at the top of the screen;
How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?
  • Select View Apple ID. Enter password or Touch ID;
  • Click Subscriptions;
How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?
  • Select Apple Music. (This item displays all subscriptions issued on Apple services);
  • Click Unsubscribe;
How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?
  • After that your Subscriptions list will be clean.
How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?

When you cancel your subscription to Apple Music, keep in mind that after the end of the paid period you will not be able to listen to any song from the Apple Music Service – unlike Spotify and Pandora, Apple does not provide subscribers with a free version.


As already mentioned, Apple Music is available on a wide variety of platforms – both mobile and desktop. Accordingly, the instructions for unsubscribing on each of them will be slightly different.

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