Activation Lock is a unique system that was created by Apple developers and first introduced in iOS 7. The main goal of the new feature is to increase user security. With the help of the new service it was assumed that the theft of the iPhone would become a meaningless exercise.

As you know, all user data is constantly synchronized with iCloud cloud storage servers. This reduces the chance of losing user information. At any time you can roll back the installed firmware, upload files to the cloud. Even if the user loses the device, you can restore phone data using any PC or other iPhone. You only need to log in to your iCloud website account.

The Activation Lock service is just one of the functions in iCloud. Its task is to check the activation status. If the user loses the phone, he enters the FindMyPhone service and with one click of the mouse locks his phone completely. The one who finds the device cannot simply take and unlock it. This can be done only by the owner of the phone or special expensive and difficult to use services.

Thus, if you lost your iPhone, Activation Lock will help you in finding and recovering data. The appearance of the service window of the Activation Lock service is shown in the figure below. To check the inclusion of the lock function, you must enter the IMEI code of your device. It is listed on the box, in the instructions or under the cover of the phone itself.

Anticipating a problem with buying gadgets from unscrupulous vendors, Apple launched a remote recovery system for the gadget.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for Free

You can take advantage of it only if you prove to the support service that the iPhone was really purchased and you do not have any access to its functions.

Official Way

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone?

You must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the official support page;
  • Select the device with which you have problems and click the “Get Support” button.
  • Choose your current location and start a call;

For the outcome of the problem to be positive and you have an iPhone unblocked, attach the maximum amount of evidence about it. Then you purchased the device.

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Be sure to attach to the appeal photos of the phone on both sides of the box from the gadget, your photo with the device. And also, you can attach a scan of the first pages of the passport.

How to Unlock iCloud for Money and Change Apple ID

Hardware Solution

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone?

The problem of locking the phone through iCloud is much easier to solve by hardware. It will cost money, however, at the exit you will receive an iPhone with updated details. It will eliminate all past hardware and software failures. To unlock an iPhone, just replace its motherboard with a new one. A similar action can be done with the iPad, iPod. The fact is that the motherboard is the main link of all system parts of the gadget.

Online Services

In conclusion, I want to clarify paid resources on unlocking the device via the Internet. How do they work and should they be used? On the Internet, there are a lot of online services that promise to unlock your iPhone.

90% of these sites are paid and require a lot of money for the restoration of the device. It is not necessary to transfer your money to the first available resource that is engaged in unlocking. There are so many scammers in this area. Before using any site, read reviews about it in Google or on thematic forums.

It is also worth noting that if the service really works, its functions will still be limited:

  • No third-party site, except the official Apple server, does not recover the password to the Apple ID of the past owner;
  • Only some offline phone functions can be unlocked(listening to music, playing videos, viewing images);
  • Access to the use of a cellular network or the Internet using such services is impossible.

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