Each owner of Apple technology before buying a new device faces a dilemma: take an additional AppleCare warranty or save? On the one hand, one wants to “insure” an expensive gadget, and on the other, there is a desire to rely on the reliability of the device.

Many users are at a loss as to how to see the AppleCare + warranty period on their device, or how to extend it without leaving home. In this article I will tell you how to do this in the simplest way.


Apple Care is a manufacturer’s extended warranty program that provides free repair or replacement of purchased equipment. A user of such a program for up to three years is provided with professional technical support by phone, as well as additional options for servicing the hardware of Apple products.

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Add AppleCare+ Term to iPhone or iPad

One way or another, on iOS devices it’s very easy to purchase AppleCare Plus. Use this short instruction:

  • Open the Settings;
  • At the top of the menu you will find the section “AppleCare + Coverage Available”, click on it (under the line you can find the validity of the current extended warranty);
  • In the pop-up window, click Continue;
  • Select the guarantee plan that interests us and click All the terms of the agreement, after which the remote diagnostics of the device will occur and if everything is in order, then Apple will extend your warranty without problems.


No matter how they scolded Apple’s technology for the increased number of marriage and insecurity, gadgets with an apple on board still work properly and rarely present “surprises” to their owners.

Buy AppleCare for iPad or iPhone warranty does not cover all gadget breakdowns. In the service center, they can easily recognize the case as non-warranty and they will have to pay the amount for the repair despite the fact that they have already paid for the extended warranty. Be careful when choosing services.

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