You can write data to disk using the built-in CD/DVD drive on your MacBook. With this method, it is convenient to save backup copies of important files. Before you begin the process, you need to purchase CD or DVD drive.

There are several ways to record discs depending on the type of information you want to put on them: audio, video, photos, etc. For example, how to write a Windows 10 image? But could we burn ISO CD or DVD with basic macOS functionality? In this article we examine this question in more detailed way.

How Long Does It Take to Burn a CD?

Occasionally I come across user complaints that the CD/DVD drive began to burn discs very slowly. Sometimes the recording time of the disc reaches an hour and a half instead of 5-10 minutes! Moreover, the situation is the same when trying to write any program. The most common causes of this situation are cheap low-quality discs, which previously tried to write or read something.

What to Do if CD Stuck in iMac, MacBook?

Open the Terminal and write:

drutil tray eject 

To close the tray (if you need):

drutil tray close

Burn a Data Disc via Finder

Let’s start with the simplest option: write a regular data disc:

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to copy the information that you have planned to transfer to a disk in a separate folder;
  • Where exactly the folder will be and how it will be called – does not matter. You just need to collect all the necessary files in one place;
  • After that, right-click on the folder that you got additional menu;
  • Select “Burn … to Disk”;
How to Burn Disc Images in macOS with Finder?
  • If you have not previously inserted a blank disc into the drive, then you will receive a message asking you to do it now.

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Burn a Disc with ISO Image via Finder

The easiest way to capture an ISO image is as follows:

  • Find the desired file through the Finder and right-click on it and choose “Burn Disk Image … to Disk”;
How to Burn Disc Images in macOS with Finder?
  • Or you can find same Function in the top menu, click File -> Burn Disk Image (file name) to Disk;
How to Burn Disc Images in macOS with Finder?
  • If a blank disc is inserted in the drive, recording will begin immediately.


That’s it, creating a disc in the process! You also could burn DMG to DVD Windows 10 the same way, but I recommend, if you need such as installing your own bootable image on your DVD or USB Flash, use more advanced software such as Daemon Tools, UNetbootin, Disk Utility, etc. But still it is very convenient that the basic file manager in macOS has such a wide functionality.

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