Despite the fact that the Mac is known to be the most secure from viruses and trojans, this does not guarantee its complete safety. Malicious users can steal your passwords, access your correspondence, or simply steal a computer to get hold of your data. If you are very careful about the security of your information, we think that you will find some very useful tip in this material.

I decided to share with you some thoughts that are required for each person concerned about the security of his Mac. Tips relate mainly to network settings and its use, and compliance will save Mac users from unauthorized access and data theft.

How to Enable Firewall?

macOS firewall is a software-implemented network filter that allows you to control which programs and services accept incoming connections. While traditional firewalls filter flows based on the port (no matter what software the port uses), the macOS firewall can work with each application or service, giving you more flexibility.

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  • Open the “System Preferences” and select “Security & Privacy”;
How to Block Any Incoming Network Connections in macOS?
  • Choose the “Firewall” tab;
How to Block Any Incoming Network Connections in macOS?
  • Click on the “Lock” icon and enter the password;
How to Block Any Incoming Network Connections in macOS?
  • “Turn On” your “Firewall”;
How to Block Any Incoming Network Connections in macOS?
  • If you just turn on security, this will be the best option, but the “Firewall Options” menu will give you broader settings for each application.


Using a firewall is highly recommended if you use public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, subways or hotels. In the home network, protection is already enabled in the router, although additional security through the macOS firewall will not be superfluous.

As you can see from the article, this is a very simple, but very effective thing that is necessary for the safety of each Mac. I hope this will help you protect the data on your Mac and not allow them to fall into the hands of intruders. But at the same time, your own attentiveness and caution are the most loyal friends who will provide you with the most reliable protection.

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